L'action directe : une introduction

Une petite introduction par à l'action directe pour expliquer pourquoi nous soutenons ce mode d'action, et les problèmes que nous voyons dans d'autres formes d'action.

Slavery Emancipation: 1848

Article exploring the relationship between the Revolution of 1848 and the final abolition of slavery in the French colonies.

Socialism, Cooperative and Republican: Bernard Moss

At the time of the 1848 Revolution in France the dominant form of Socialism was a loose coalition connected with French Republicanism and the Cooperative movement. This article covers there role within the French 19th century workers movement.

Proudhon, Pierre-Joseph: K. Steven Vincent

Biography of Pierre Joseph Proudhon and his actions during the 1848 Revolution in France and the June Days workers revolt in Paris.

Senegal in 1848

An article about the impact of the 1848 Revolution in France on its colonial possession of Senegal and the limits of freedom reform by decree, and the right to vote.

The Communist League: Martin Hundt

History of the origins of the Communist League and its actions and influence during the 1848 revolutions in the German states and Europe.

June Days: Paris 1848

Account of the events in June 1848 when the workers of Paris rose up against the conservative republican government and its plans to abolish government supported workshops.

Les syndicats : une introduction

Une petite introduction aux syndicats, leur fonction dans la société et comment pense que nous en tant que travailleur-se-s, nous devrions les considérer.

The Black Voice

Printed by "The United Black Workers from the Ford Mahwah Plantation"
Volume 3, Number 9, January 1973

An account of the BFI strike, 1974

BFI strike, 1974

A short personal account of a strike at the British Film Institute in 1974 by Jonathan Rosenbaum.