The Kirkintilloch tragedy

A short history of the Kirkintilloch tragedy, in which 10 Irish migrant workers were killed, written by Anonymous.

A history of the anarchist movement in Belarus, 1992-2002

A short historical account of the first decade of anarchism in post-Soviet Belarus. This article was translated by Anarchist Black Cross Belarus and originally hosted at

Zabudko, Mefodisiy Vlasovich (1893-1921): victim of Bolshevik treachery

Shchus and his detachment, end of 1918

A short biography of Makhnovist commander Mefodosiy Zabudko.

Peasant patterns of resistance - Peter Kolchin

Extracts from a chapter of historian Peter Kolchin’s book Unfree Labor, describing a few instances of a type of serf-resistance in Imperial Russia known as a "volnenie."

The British General Strike: 1926 - Tom Brown

An article by Tom Brown on the 1926 general strike, which originally appeared in War Commentary Nov-Dec 1942. Republished as a pamphlet by Freedom Press in 1943.

Swedish syndicalists organizing at Zalando

Zalando workers

This article was originally published on the website of US labor magazine ASR on July 13, 2021. The warehouse connected to Zalando, which is run by Ingram Micro, is similar to the Amazon hell holes.

The Arrogance of Uncontested Power - Laurens Otter

A pamphlet published by Laurens Otter of Wrekin Syndicalists examining the Hilda Murrell case, when a critic of the Thatcher government was murdered under suspicious circumstances. Originally scanned by The Sparrow's Nest.

Syndicalists shouldn’t have a black-and-white view on organizing


A debate on the future of the Swedish union SAC. This article was first published on the ASR website on January 20, 2022. It is the last article in a series of three.

New Declaration of Principles for Swedish Syndicalists? A proposal from the Umeå Local of SAC

Umeå Local

This text is taken from the official website of the Umeå Local. This Local has submitted a proposal for a new Declaration of principles to the SAC Congress of 2022. The text is in line with a new introductory book on syndicalism.

Barricade Bulletin 16 - Dec/Jan/Feb 2021-2022

Issue 16 of Barricade Bulletin, with articles on migrant solidarity, strike action, Ryan Roberts and the Bristol Kill the Bill cases, prison organising around sexual health, the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the history of anarchism in Korea, the Derry Radical Bookfair, a review of Anarchist Cybernetics by Thomas Swann, and the disbanding of the Workers Solidarity Movement.