The Makhnovist movement and the national question in the Ukraine, 1917-1921

Makhno, sitting centre with some of his troops

A detailed account and analysis of the Ukrainian revolutionary anarchist army, during the Russian revolution, written by Aleksandr Shubin.

Sapronov - From the History of the Workers' Movement

Timofei Sapronov's autobiography about the times when he was an underground revolutionary militant in Russia. It covers the period from 1907 to 1917 with a specific focus on the First World War period. His autobiography is in Russian. However, the book includes a solid but academic introduction in English by historian, Victoria Bonnell.

Sapronov joined the Bolsheviks before the war, in 1918 he became a left communist and then led to the founding of the Group of Democratic Centralism. He was expelled from the party for his opposition in 1927 and executed by the Stalinist regime in 1937.

Communism of Attack and Communism of Withdrawal - Marcel

Text by Marcel first published in Riff-Raff #7 (summer 2005) which prompted a number of responses; this is a "rough" translation produced by Riff-Raff.

Tracing Louise Michel in the Pacific

Numbo, 1877

An extremely well-researched text by Paul Mason exploring exiled Paris Communard Louise Michel's time imprisoned on the French colony of New Caledonia in the late 19th century.

The Home Saving Bank robbery, 1915

William Juber

A short history of the robbery of a branch of the Home Saving Bank in Los Angeles in 1915 and its aftermath, by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

Joseph Ettor, 1885-1948

Joseph Ettor

A short biography of Industrial Workers of the World union organiser, Joseph Ettor, written by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

The wonderful world of bossnapping

Caterpillar executive bossnapping, France 2009

A short introduction to and history of bossnapping - workers detaining their bosses in order to win demands - written by Evan Johnston.

Bloody legislation against the expropriated

Vagrant being punished in Tudor England

Karl Marx's short history of the violent legislation introduced by governments in Europe to force peasants removed from their land into wage labour from the 16th century.

International volunteers: ideal and reality

The international volunteers join the YPG-YPJ forces with very different motivations, a few are even former soldiers who wish to pimp up their CV. Arthur Aberlin explains why their engagement as YPG-fighters is still a valuable support to the social revolution.