Anarchy in the UK: the Angry Brigade - Tom Vague

Time Out Angry Brigade cover

Detailed book on the Angry Brigade urban guerrilla group in 1970s London. While it overly romanticises the group, it contains detailed historical information, photographs and anecdotes.

Comment Paul Fabra critique Marx - Pierre Rimbert

Pierre Rimbert Paul Fabra David Ricardo Pierro Sraffa

A detailed and levelheaded rebuttal to Paul Fabra's 'Capitalism versus anti-capitalism: the triumph of Ricardian over Marxist political economy' (1993, p. 345).

Manchester Calling

The Red Menace: very stimulating reading.


You can't blow up a social relationship.

Useless Pastime

Let's get down to the business of really discussing the issues: the role and nature of the State, trade unions, feminism, nationalism, sexuality, etc.

Flogging Away

A great many anarchists adopt a critical stance to Bakunin's legacy as well as towards the anarchist movement generally. Our rejection of Marxism is not monolithic.

The Quoting Urge

A reader submits a collection of quotes from Bakunin.

The Last Word

“The old man in London” and his critics.

So be It

Rejoinder from Sam Dolgoff.