Belgische ervaringen - Cajo Brendel

Herinneringen van Cajo Brendel, gepubiceerd in Onvoltooid Verleden 7, november 1999.

Cajo Brendel (1915-2007) - Marcel van der Linden

Op 25 juni 2007 is Cajo Brendel, na een zware doodsstrijd, overleden. Als theoreticus en historicus van de ‘autonome Klassenkämpfe’ heeft hij twee generaties activisten en radicale historici, van Nederland tot Zuid-Korea en van Duitsland tot Mexico, geïnspireerd. Maar op het moment dat zijn opvattingen door de internationale jeugdrevolte bekend werden, had hij al een leven achter de rug.

Thoughts on local anarchist newspapers in 1980s Britain

The Kate Sharpley Library have just had a donation of some 1980s local anarchist newspapers (all from north west England).

Elisée Reclus and the city without limits – José Ardillo

A 2014 critical review of two essays on Elisée Reclus published in 2013, focusing on his somewhat ambivalent views on the city (e.g., he thought that the vast stockyards and slaughterhouse complexes of the Chicago meat industry of 1900 comprised a “model for the mechanization of meat production that should be extended to other cities and countries”), the problematic of how these views fit into his overall theoretical perspective (he was a world-famous libertarian geographer), and the extent to which they are still relevant for our time.

Rebel violence v hierarchical violence

Subtitled "a chronology of anti-state violence on the UK mainland July 1985-May 1986", this pamphlet basically does what it says on the tin: it is a timeline of episodes of social disorder over a brief period.