Technological society—mass society – Miguel Amorós

A 2005 summary of the author’s views concerning the defeat of the working class in the 1970s and 1980s, the role played by technology in this defeat, the rise of the “masses” (who cannot “distinguish between reality and fiction”) that emerged from the dissolution of class consciousness as subjects of consumer society under the new totalitarian or “fascist” conditions, the repercussions of these developments on ideology (not exactly “fascist”, but a “hodgepodge … of previous ideologies”) and politics (“managing the survival of the masses under catastrophic conditions”) during the last thirty years, and prospects for revolutionary critique and resistance.

Nationalism and Culture - Audio Book

An audio book of Rudolf Rocker's important work on the origins and nature of nationalism, Nationalism and Culture. Recorded by the group Audible Anarchist.

The Commonweal

An incomplete archive of the publication The Commonweal produced by the Socialist League which was one of the earliest socialist/anarchist organisations in the UK, and edited by William Morris.

The March Intifada - Bahrain, 1965

The March Intifada in Bahrain, 1965 began with the laying off of hundreds of workers at the Bahrain Petroleum Company, school students protested, were suppressed by the military, and things developed into a general strike against British rule. Bahrain joined the UAE in 1968, and annual protests continued until 1972.

08 : Essays and Organisational Culture and Mental Health

Be Good to Your Comrades: Why Being a Prick is Counterrevolutionary

Class Struggle and Mental Health: Live to Fight Another Day

Images used in the pamphlet Class Struggle and Mental Health: Live to Fight Another Day

Zero magazine issue 3 October 1977

The 3rd issue of Zero magazine.

Whilst generally good this issue is marred by a shamefully positive piece on P.I.E. (Paedophile Information Exchange) which passes without comment in this, or later issues.

This article is included for information and completeness (and as a warning about the sort of shit that was tolerated by the 1970s "counter culture"). It's not endorsed by me or Libcom.