Weakening the dam - Twin Cities IWW


Chilli Sauce
Jul 5 2011 19:54

Just for the record I suggested we read this in SF before it was officially published as pamphlet. So there tongue

Juan Conatz
Jul 5 2011 20:31

Yeah, I really liked this. I didn't even know it existed until I got here. There's a PDF of the print version somewhere out there, but haven't been able to track it down.

Jul 7 2011 00:16

Jim, Chili, Juan, glad you like it, your folk whose opinions I rate highly. If SLSF does do a discussion on please do me a favor and take notes on the conversation and email them to me to share with the Twin Cities GMB. And Juan thanks for posting it up.

klas batalo
Jul 9 2011 02:20

yeah this is awesome and i will be sharing it with the pvd gmb

Chilli Sauce
Jul 9 2011 08:04


klas batalo
Jul 11 2011 03:53

providence, rhode island. sorry. like "pdx"

Jul 18 2011 10:07

Yo, so any luck trying to hunt down that pdf version?

Juan Conatz
Sep 14 2011 17:17

I found a PDF, but it is of a earlier version. It has all the text, I believe, but is not in pamphlet format and has different images and cover graphics. I can email it, but I'm not going to upload it online since it is not the current version that is being distributed through our branch.

Juan Conatz
Dec 29 2011 01:28

FInal version of PDF, which is what the Twin Cities IWW printed out has been added.

I was told to:

Please remind people to print it double sided along the short edge, and the cover just separately. i usually print that in cardstock.

Apr 29 2013 04:06

I like to think this would pair nicely with a more robust OT 101 within the I.W.W. As some kind of guide text. If the OT 101 were broken down by modules and done in stages with workers being brought in from the job.

Have the authors much revisited these thoughts? How long has it been?

Juan Conatz
Sep 6 2013 04:13

Added Zabalaza version of the pamphlet