Patriotism and Government - Leo Tolstoy

One of Tolstoy many attacks on Patriotism, its role in warfare and prop for governments and states.

So What Do We Do?

This essay is not about “debunking” the political and historical analysis of U.S. MLs or Marxism-Leninism more broadly. Instead, it is one contribution towards a critique of MLism as a trend in the U.S.

The Sect System

In the previous three sections, we (1) evaluated the practice of U.S. MLism (2) argued that its organizational forms are based on a dogmatic reading of the Bolshevik Party and (3) argued that “correct line” without mass organizing is illusory. Having explored what the ML trend is, we have to ask “why” – why did the trend come to be this way? We will begin by tracing the lineage of the three main ML groups in the U.S.

Dogmatism and “Line”

As Marxists (and avid students of Lenin), we have a generally more favorable view of ML “political line” than that of social democracy or anarchism.


We will now shift temporarily into first person for Avery’s account of their experience with WWP:


In the United States today, there exists a political trend which describes itself as Marxist-Leninist.

Where’s the Winter Palace? On the Marxist-Leninist Trend in the United States

Published by The Left Wind, March 2nd 2018, this is a critical summary of Marxist Leninism in the contemporary US.

Forward March?

February 1980 LWG leaflet against military conscription.

"Rebellion in Patagonia" - Benefit for "On the Line" (1978)

Flyer announcing film showing of Rebellion in Patagonia". A well attended benefit for the LWG newsletter, "On the Line".