Political and social writings - Cornelius Castoriadis

A three volume selection of Castoriadis' political writings from a combined period of 1946-1979. These volumes cover a broad range of topics: from the nature of the USSR's "bureaucratic capitalism", to the history of the old workers' movements, to self-organised working class struggle in the post-world war two era.

On the proletariat as a revolutionary class - Dwight Macdonald

Dwight Macdonald

Dwight Macdonald's criticism of the role of the proletariat in Marxist doctrine.

The complete works of Rosa Luxemburg, volume 1: economic writings 1

This first volume in Rosa Luxemburg’s Complete Works, entitled Economic Writings 1, contains some of Luxemburg’s most important statements on the globalization of capital, wage labor, imperialism, and pre-capitalist economic formations.

Class struggle and mental health: Live to fight another day

Class struggle and mental health: Live to fight another day

The long-awaited pamphlet bringing together accounts from anarchists around the globe about what it means to suffer from mental illness and what we, as individuals and a movement, can do about it.

The Zoot Suit As Rebellion

Chicana zoot suiters

An investigation of the Zoot Suit phenomenon in the United States. This article appeared in No 82 of the Anarchist Federation magazine Organise!

Platformism in Latin America: the Uruguayan example

A review of a pamphlet on the Uruguyuan anarchist movement that appeared in the magazine of the Anarchiist Federation, Organise! No 80, 2013

2007: Interview with the CNT-F's International Relations Secretary

An interview with Jérémie, International Relations Secretary of the CNT-F, during the recent I07 conference in Paris. This interview was made by CGT comrade Ronny Stansert for the Swedish SAC's magazine, "Arbetaren".

TACT: Temporary anti-Capitalist Teams

Temporary anti-Capitalist Teams

Ever felt frustrated that there are so many different groups out there working away in isolation?
Why can’t activists find a way to work together, to pool resources and support each other?
Why isn’t there a network that respects different ways of working, diverse political cultures and different priorities?
Why can’t we connect the local with the global, why can’t we work autonomously, why can’t we get anywhere?
You don't have to be frustrated. There is a way we can work together.