Solidarity journals on Libcom

An index of the various journals and bulletins by the UK libertarian socialist group Solidarity on Libcom.

An index of pamphlets by the group is here.

The Raven #40: Genetic Modification

An issue of The Raven from Autumn 1999 covering issues around genetically modified food from various perspectives. Edited by Donald Rooum.

Foundry Foreman, Foundrymen - A Singlejack Little Book by Lloyd Zimpel (1980)

Lloyd Zimpel's 1980 booklet 'Foundry Foreman, Foundrymen' published as a Singlejack Little Book by Stan Weir. Contains two stores: "Sand" and "Ovenman."

Liverpool Anarchist #16

Latest issue of the Liverpool Anarchist with articles about the £20 benefits cut, a university strike, conscientious objectors in Walton Jail and resistance to the arms trade.

Yevgeny Zamyatin and the novel We

Yevgeny Zamyatin

Article on life of Yevgeny Zamyatin, Russian writer.

Making a Living

This is a wonderful article by Aaron Benanav, published originally in The Nation - but obviously it's a shame that some people won't be able to read it because of the paywall. So this is a copy of the full article! The full title of the article is: "Making a Living. The history of what we call work".

Speak Out - Number 8, November 1966

Issue #8 of Speak Out - Bulletin of the Facing Reality Publishing Committee. Edited by Martin Glaberman. Pieces by Glaberman, William Gorman, George Rawick, Paul Buhle and J. Frank.

The Commoner journal

Archive of the online autonomist marxist journal The Commoner. Founded by Massimo de Angelis in 2001.

In the beginning there is the doing, the social flow of human interaction and creativity, and the doing is imprisoned by the deed, and the deed wants to dominate the doing and life, and the doing is turned into work, and people into things. In this crazy world revolts are practices of hope.

This journal is about living in a world in which the doing is separated from the deed, in which this separation extends in to an ever increasing number of life spheres, and a world in which revolts against this separation are ubiquitous.

The Birth of the Work Underground - Mattera (1984)

Philip Mattera's brief look (with an eye toward class struggle and autonomy) at the growth of off-the-books work in the post-Keynesian period. This was published in 1984 in the UK journal 'Emergency.' Mattera would later publish a book-length study on the subject, entitled 'Off the Books: The Rise of the Underground Economy.'