Solidarity doesn’t end at borders

Fear and hatred towards refugees should be turned towards those who put them in their situation.

L’état : une introduction

Une petite introduction à ce que nous voulons dire quand nous parlons de l’état et quel rapport nous pensons que nous, en tant que travailleurs, nous devrions entretenir avec lui

Sabate: guerrilla extraordinary - Antonio Tellez

Sabate cover illustration by Clifford Harper

Fantastic and detailed biography of legendary anti-Franco guerrilla, Francisco Sabate Llopart. Written by Antonio Tellez and translated by Stuart Christie, this book recounts the life, actions and death of the longest-surviving underground resistance fighter.

Bulgarian Anarchists About The Refugees

Logo of the Federation of anarchists in Bulgaria

This text was published in the newspaper of Federation of anarchists in Bulgaria. We believe the people from the eastern parts of Europe have a bit different view on the global issues compared to the ones in the other parts of the world and it would be useful for the anarchists around the globe to know the way we present our analisys to them. We would be glad to receive your opinions on the text we present, as long as it contains arguments.

Struggles for autonomy in Kurdistan - Corporate Watch

A book from Corporate Watch on Kurdish struggles and corporate complicity in the repression of social movements in Rojava and Bakur.

Mat Kavanagh and the History of Anarchism

Mat Kavanagh's notes on freethought

Thoughts on Mat Kavanagh's writing, what he's trying to do with it and what it means for anarchist history

The making of an interethnic coalition: urban and rural anarchists in La Paz, Bolivia, 1946–1947

Anarchist rally in La Paz, 1930.

Kevin A. Young's account of the interethnic alliance between urban anarchists and indigenous peasants which facilitated the 1947 upheavals surrounding La Paz, Bolivia.

A.A.U.-E.: organização unitária contra a divisão entre luta política e econômica - Diego Negri

Breve introdução sobre a história da A.A.U.-E. (União Geral dos Trabalhadores – Organização Unitária), organização que atuou de 1921 a 1923 na Alemanha e que foi uma das primeiras a condenar o bolchevismo, denunciando-o como sistema econômico burguês e contra-revolucionário. Buscava impulsionar a auto-organização dos trabalhadores a partir das empresas contra os partidos e sindicatos, superando a divisão entre economia e política através de conselhos operários.

A revolução não é tarefa de partido - Otto Ruhle

Texto histórico publicado em 1920 que apresenta as posições antiparlamentaristas e anti-sindicais dos comunistas de esquerda da Alemanha (comunistas de conselhos), assim como a crítica do bolchevismo e da socialdemocracia e a perspectiva de auto-organização dos trabalhadores a partir das empresas de onde eles transformam a sociedade de baixo para cima.

The Most Important Thing: Two speaking tours and the Syrian Revolution

“The most important thing,” my friend said on our way home, “is to destroy the state. The Syrian revolution went very far and a big reason for this is that we were able to completely destroy the state in many areas. Even if we can’t prevent the counter revolution, destroying the state makes whatever comes after much weaker.”