The world as we see it: reference points - Internationalist Perspective

A 'reference text' for the group and publication Internationalist Perspective.

Migrants: welcome to the class struggle

An article from the Internationalist Communist Tendency about the recent 'migrant crisis' in Europe.

Review: Economic and social relations in the Israelite-Jewish empires - Arkady Erusalimsky

Историк-марксист Аркадий Ерусалимский

Review of a 1927 booklet on ancient Jewish empires by Moishe Lurje.

The One Big Union Monthly (March 1937)

The March 1937 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, with articles on the French labor movement, women in the labor movement and homelessness. Contributors include Raymond Corder, Joseph Wagner, Toivo Halonen, A. Yourniek, Evert Anderson, Peo Monoldi and Tor Cedervall.

Capitalist democracy: why it must fail - Tor Cedervall

Tor Cedervall in 1942

An article by Tor Cedervall that see capitalism and fascism as related, and one cannot fight the latter without fighting the former.

The One Big Union Monthly (February 1937)

The February 1937 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, with articles on mechanization, a Southern lynching and the Works Progress Administration. Contributors include Justus Ebert, Sugar Pine Whitey, A. Yourniek, Bert Russell, Gefion and Tor Cedervall.

On boring from within - Bert Russell

An article by Bert Russell looking at 'boring from within' strategy by radicals in the AFL and CIO and their fruitless nature. Originally appeared in The One Big Union Monthly (February 1938).