A Marxist Critique of Anarchism

Transcript of the opening remarks from a talk by Steve Coleman for the Socialist Party of Great Britain in 1982. Full audio recording available online.

Memorandum on the Bay Area food mart campaign

The Bay Area Food Mart Campaign began in 2009 and concluded in 2015. It was an experiment in reviving some of the IWW's essential revolutionary traditions in the context of the 21st century.

Is Britain Worth Dying For?

Lady Olga Maitland (Families for Defence) arguing with CND in 1987

Debate between Steve Coleman arguing No, (Socialist Party of Great Britain) and Lady Olga Maitland arguing Yes, (Women and Families for Defence) also a member of the Conservative party, taking place on 19 January 1984 at Islington Central Library in London. Full audio recording also available online. Transcript of opening remarks in document here.

The Keir Hardie Myth

New mural at Peace Passage based on Keir Hardie speaking at an anti war rally ju

From Socialist Standard March 1961
The myth about Keir Hardie's attitude to war is very persistent. At an anti-Polaris rally in Glasgow last December, the Co-operative Movement representative had only to refer to him, ". . . if we could get Keir Hardie here . . ." to have his words drowned by applause. Whatever the sentiments of the audience may have been, it was certainly in error about Hardie's attitude to war.

In China democracy disarmed and slaughtered the proletariat! - Internationalist Communist Group

The ICG on the pro-democracy protests in China including the events of Tiananmen Square, 1989. Reproduced for reference.

“Cut up Khrushchev for sausages!” A history lesson for The New York Times - Simon Pirani

Pic of the Novocherkassk revolt

This recent article by Simon Pirani both provides more information about the Novocherkassk revolt and massacre and also some insight into how worker revolts in the days of the Soviet Union are still being shamelessly mirepresented in even the most "respected" Western media outlets.

Grèce: Le Capital Internationalisé Prévaut sur le Nationalisme Petit-Grec - Mouvement Communiste/Kolektivně proti Kapitălu avec des camarades en Grèce

D’amples secteurs du prolétariat pris au piège de la compétition référendaire. Misère de l’électoralisme profitant du recul des luttes.

The Hollywood blacklist - Dan Georgakas

Brought in front of HUAC: Lucille Ball, star of I Love Lucy

A short account of the blacklisting of dozens of writers and actors from the movie industry in Hollywood amidst the anti-communist hysteria of the late 1940s and 1950s.

A people's history of Muslims in the United States - Alison Kysia

Muhammad Ali arrested for refusing the draft

Alison Kysia on what is left out of school textbooks and media reports on the history of Muslims in the US.

Capitalismo e comunismo - Gilles Dauvé

Paris, 1968

Gilles Dauvé explica o capitalismo e sua antítese , o comunismo