« J’ai vu le futur, et ça fonctionne. » – Questions critiques pour les partisans de la révolution au Rojava

Il y a près de 100 ans, le journaliste américain Lincoln Steffens visita l’Union soviétique et proclama : « J’ai vu le futur, et ça fonctionne. » [1] Depuis lors, les gauchistes ont continué de se leurrer, non seulement à propos de l’Union soviétique, mais aussi de la Chine, Cuba, le Nicaragua, le Venezuela et ailleurs. Après un siècle de telles illusions, il est crucial que nous n’hésitions pas à poser des questions critiques sur chaque révolution – même si cette révolution est menacée par une contre-révolution brutale.

The CNT in the Spanish revolution, volume 2

Second volume of José Peirats' extensive work on the Spanish anarchist union the CNT, which in this volume focuses on the battles raging at both the front and rear guards. Additionally, a biographical chapter, "The Life and Struggles of José Peirats" gives a great deal of insight into this CNT fighter and historian.

The empire of necessity: Slavery, freedom, and deception in the New World - Greg Grandin

From the acclaimed author of Fordlandia, the story of a remarkable slave rebellion that illuminates America’s struggle with slavery and freedom during the Age of Revolution and beyond.

Woman's freedom - Lily Gair Wilkinson

An interesting anarchist-communist feminist text first published by Freedom Press in 1914.

Seventeen contradictions and the end of capitalism - David Harvey

To modern Western society, capitalism is the air we breathe, and most people rarely think to question it, for good or for ill.

The letters of Rosa Luxemburg

The most comprehensive collection of letters by Rosa Luxemburg ever published in English.

Revolution at point zero - Silvia Federici

Written between 1975 and the present, the essays collected in this volume represent years of research and theorizing on questions of social reproduction and the consequences of globalization.