Letter to Pierre Vésinier- Joseph Déjacque

Pierre Vésinier

A letter by Joseph Déjacque in 1861 discussing abolition and the situation and revolutionary movement of the 1860s.

Stuff the DWP (don't want us to know)

New pamphlet published by Liverpool SolFed by benefits claimants, for claimants: Stuff the DWP! (doesn't want us to know).

Covering our most important rights in clear, simple language, while also pulling no punches on the need for direct action and a movement to change the system.

The Anarchists versus the Plague: Malatesta and the Cholera Epidemic of 1884

In 1884, cholera tore through Italy, claiming thousands of lives. Despite a three-year prison sentence hanging over his head, Errico Malatesta joined other revolutionary anarchists on a daring mission to Naples—the heart of the epidemic—to treat those suffering from the disease. In so doing, he and his comrades demonstrated an alternative to coercive state policies that remains relevant today in the age of COVID-19. This article was first published by Crimethinc.

Lest We Forget — Roberto S. Verzola

Roberto S. Verzola narrates his youthful experience in the National Democratic (Maoist) movement during the years of the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines. He recounts his capture by the military and subsequent torture. During his imprisonment he learned that the Communist Party of the Philippines was behind the Plaza Miranda Bombing, the event that Marcos used to justify Martial Law and dictatorship.

Direct Action (SWF): Vol 5, #02 (32, February 1964)

Volume 5, Issue 2 of Direct Action, with articles on a Labour-backed unemployment demo, construction disputes at St Paul's cathedral, direct action against an eviction in Kent, the Panama canal, an ITV documentary about Franco's Spain, the Bolivian miners, repression against Irish farmers, class definitions and "white collar" workers, a book on the historical Jesus, a call for women's liberation from exiled members of the Mujeres Libres, fascists in Southall, industrial news including a steel dispute in Port Talbot, the Post Office exploiting Christmas temps, the anti-union Freedom Group plotting to break bus strikes, and more.

Kio estas CNT?


Direct Action (SWF): Vol 5, #01 (31, January 1964)

Volume 5, Issue 1 of Direct Action, with articles on Committee of 100 members being imprisoned, a strike by construction workers at St. Paul's Cathedral, direct action against a dam in Italy, the right-wing anti-union Freedom Group, a review of a book about Franco's Spain, a review of an IWMA (now IWA) conference, the JFK assassination, the Lincoln myth, and the civil rights movement, Bolivian miners, housing direct action in Tunbridge Wells, a Goya exhibition, repression in Morocco, medical care in Alberta, industrial news including London bus drivers and more.

Meschi, Alberto 1879-1958

Une biographie courte de Alberto Meschi, une des grandes figures de l’anarchisme italien, toujours commémoré avec ferveur à Carrara.

Direct Action (SWF): Vol 2, #05 (May 1962)

Volume 2, Issue #5 of Direct Action, with articles on May Day, an advert for a Committee of 100 meeting featuring Alan Sillitoe among others, the rank and file vs the bureaucracy inside the National Union of Seamen, industrial news and Irish electricians striking against a "time and motion"-style work study scheme.