The Green New Deal and the “rank-and-file strategy” - Gregory Butler

Gregory Butler argues that the DSA and Jacobin’s “rank-and-file strategy” in the construction industry consists mostly in pushing policy from above, leaving out worker concerns and worker organizing. This article was first published by Organizing Work.

A class struggle Christmas Carol - Marianne Garneau

Marianne Garneau looks at the classic story from an organizing perspective. This article was first published by Organizing Work.

When they say jump - Jim Nolan

Jim Nolan, a maintenance worker with the Toronto Transit Commission, describes a recent uneventful job action called by union leadership. This article was first published by Organizing Work.

Common organizing mistakes - Nick Driedger

Organizing is difficult and every organizer makes mistakes. Here are some of the most common ones, and how to avoid them. This article was first published by Organizing Work.

“The Rank and File Strategy”: A Syndicalist View - Tom Wetzel

Veteran activist and writer Tom Wetzel enters the wide ranging debate on the left around the “rank and file strategy” orientation to the labor movement. This piece is based on material in his forthcoming book from AK Press, Overcoming Capitalism, and was first published by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

80th Birthday Lectures - C.L.R. James

Edited by Margaret Busby and Darcus Howe. Published by Race Today 1984.
A collection of transcripts, including the question and answer sessions which followed, of the three lectures given by C.L.R James on the occurrence of his eightieth birthday in 1981.

Love & Rage Vol. 2 No. 1, January 1991

Vol 2, Issue 1 of Love & Rage.

Love & Rage Vol. 1 No. 7, November 1990

Issue 7 of Love & Rage, with a review of Refusing to be a Man by John Stoltenberg, letters including a debate on imperialism, the On Gogol Boulevard column with news from the Eastern Bloc, prisoner news, the Mayday 29 case in New York, racism and repression in Miami, anarchist participation in the anti-Gulf War movement, the possibility of a draft, a march on San Francisco's financial district, a reprint from the Anarchist Workers Group on organisation, a disruption of a Meir Kahane speech in Minneapolis, an environmental conference, resistance to US military bases in Crete and more.

Love & Rage Vol. 1 No. 6, October 1990

Issue 6 of Love & Rage, with articles on the first Gulf War, letters, a report from a Young Greens conference addressed by Murray Bookchin, a relief effort after a hurricane in Puerto Rico, the Canadian government sending troops in against the Mohawk rebellion, prison news including a profile of Larry Giddings, the On Gogol Boulevard column with news of Soviet anarcho-syndicalists and Eastern Bloc solidarity with Native American struggles, strategies for resisting the war, an open letter about love and anarchy, an article from the Anarchist Workers Group about organising for anarchy, notes of revolt and more.