Reading Guide to 'Capital' - Simon Clarke

A reading guide to Marx's 'Capital' by Simon Clarke.

Acción directa: una introducción

Protesta de mineros de Asturias, 2012.

Breve introducción de a la acción directa y por qué la defendemos frente a otras formas de activismo político.

Marx's Theory of Money - ed. Fred Moseley

This book provides a contemporary assessment of Marx's theory of money. This theory is often praised as one of Marx's greatest achievements, especially when compared with either classical or neoclassical economics. On the other hand, Marx's theory of money has also been severely criticized, especially that it seems to require that money be a produced commodity. The contributors to the volume provide a wide-ranging and in-depth appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of Marx's theory of money, compared to other theories of money.

Essays on Volumes I, II and III of Marx's 'Capital'

The essays in this collection address specific themes of Marx's 'Capital'. Although the essays can be read independently, they present complementary perspectives on issues at the cutting edge of recent scholarship on Marx's work. Although all Parts of Capital are discussed, the book is not intended to be a textbook, it will be read by specialists in the field.

Çevre: bir giriş

Çevre krizinin ve nedenlerinin özeti ve incelenmesi, sorunların çözümüne dair düşüncelerimiz.