Class War newspaper

A partial online archive of issues of Class War, a UK-based anarchist tabloid newspaper founded in 1983.

Submitted by Fozzie on November 10, 2018

Libcom also hosts:

As well as a number of critiques of Class War's politics:

Missing issues:
#3 New Homes For The Rich, October 1983.
#4 We have our own idea of time and motion, late 1983.
#8? Bricks Bottles Burning Barricades – Summer of 1984.


R Totale

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The Iain Sinclair review mentioned is here. May be soft-paywalled if you've looked at other LRB articles this month but you can get around that by opening up a private mode/incognite window. Interesting to see the old Chumbawamba shit condom hoax get another mention.


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Submitted by westartfromhere on January 31, 2024

Just reread parts of the first issue. Ian Bone's rabble rousing brought this to mind from our Herakles:

In England, for instance, the way to show political power lies open to the working class. Insurrection would be madness where peaceful agitation would more swiftly and surely do the work.

The show of political power is not the same as the seizure of political power.


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Love seeing these up here. Thanks Sparrows Nest!


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Not a surprise to see criticism of Class War from the cop collaborators of Sussex University above.

Samotnaf, 12 years 9 months ago, wrote:

Should point out that this article, though it appeared in Aufheben as an "intake" , was not written by anyone involved in Aufheben.

I remember being invited for a pint at The White Tart by Ian Bone and his cronnies when I worked in a post room off Finsbury Square. The overall impression that I left with was, gobbledegook.