Jakarta Diary - Black Flag

During late November and December, the situation in Indonesia once again went on the boil, with huge riots against President Habibie, who is trying to hold onto power. During these momentous events, there was a Finnish anarchist in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, who observed them at first hand and spoke to many of the participants.

From Black Flag #216 1999.

Revolutionary Supermarket: A Five Year History of Self-Management in Sweden - Kurt Svensson

The following is my personal reflections over the first six years of the Stockholm's Anarchists space - the Revolutionary SuperMarket - more fondly known as RSM. In order to write the following article I have made use of, besides my somewhat hazy memory, material from Brand's archive, protocols from RSMs all-meetings and giro statements from RSMs account. This description is not complete and if I have forgotten something or someone it was not on purpose, only human...

From Black Flag #216 1999.

Pinochet: A View From Chile - Black Flag

Pinochet is at last under arrest where he cannot harm anyone. Guilty of genocide, torture, repression, introducing neo-liberalism to Chile and creating a generation who have known nothing except State terror. Since his seizure of power through the coup, 30,000 people have died - executed, tortured or shot in the streets (in any protest in working class districts the average death toll was 10). And before he left government, he approved an amnesty for all the crimes committed during his dictatorship. That's why he can't be judged here! And the government has the nerve to ask "to forgive and forget".

Article from Black Flag #216 1999.

The Durruti column – Carl Einstein

The Durruti Column

A posthumous address on Buenaventura Durruti by German anarcho-syndicalist volunteer in the Durruti Column, Carl Einstein. It was broadcasted by the CNT-FAI radio station in Barcelona shortly after Durruti’s death in November 1936, and later published by the Official Propaganda Services of the CNT-FAI in the pamphlet Buenaventura Durruti.

Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan

Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan

In the fall of 2011, a group of TATORT activists journeyed into the Kurdish regions of Turkey to learn how the theory of Democratic Autonomy was being put into practice. They discovered a remarkable experiment in face-to-face democracy—all the more notable for being carried out in wartime.

International News / Anarcho Quiz - Black Flag

Short pieces from Black Flag #215 1998.