AK Press allegations against Michael Schmidt

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Dec 6 2017 13:43

Lorenzo is on Facebook, you could always ask him to check, but certainly it sounds like him. Although by his mention of "lecturers" that seems like he is talking about Lucien van der Walt, who has never written anything racist (although did initially defend Schmidt, who was a long-term friend)

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Dec 13 2017 05:07
Khawaga wrote:
Professor Rat seems to just be not fond of class struggle anarchists in general, i.e. s/he is being secterian.

Professor Rat has been pestering various anarchoid forums for years and seems like a total crank. I think his professed positions have changed numerous times but the crankishness has been constant.

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Red Marriott
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Dec 16 2017 22:27

The Kom'Boa Ervin comment was actually already quoted on this thread 2 yrs ago by jc; http://libcom.org/forums/general/ak-press-says-michael-schmidt-fascist-25092015?page=22#comment-567978

by his mention of "lecturers" that seems like he is talking about Lucien van der Walt

Schmidt has done plenty of speaking engagements, lecture tours etc, eg;