Black Flag magazine

Black Flag magazine

Online archive of issues of Black Flag, a UK-based anarchist magazine founded in 1970.

Libcom also hosts a gallery of Black Flag cover art here.

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May 27 2011 09:30


Black Flag magazine

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Nov 28 2013 01:42

tried search englines for black flag - took me quite a while to get anything related to anarchism. is there no limit to conspiracy theories?

May 29 2017 15:36

For your interest the The Sparrows' Nest Library and Archive has some digitised snippets from 1984-85 due to a visit by a researcher interested in The Miners' Strike and contemporary events. Search on Black Flag in online catalogue for these.
Also we are just about to digitise Vol 1 (then called Bulletin of the Anarchist Black Cross) and 2 (1969-1973).
See our BF page: where you can see the list of our physical collection. Any gaps you can fill are gratefully received.

Rob Ray
Mar 31 2018 23:00

Quick note: Issues from 2010-2018 were on, however that has now gone offline. Fortunately it's still up at

Apr 1 2018 19:16

I had a bit of time tonight and so added issue 210 from the link.

There are a few subsequent edits submitted including a better image. Let me know if there is anything wildly wrong with the edited version (after it's been moderated) smile

Worth bearing in mind that AK has better cover images of the issues at the link:

Apr 11 2018 17:07

Also covers here:

I'm gradually adding the ones as text.

there are some PDFs from the 70s here too:

I'll get to them eventually as well.

Rob Ray
Apr 11 2018 18:15

Great stuff! There's a few others at as well I think, and a bunch at the Sparrows' Nest, mostly mid-80s.

Apr 12 2018 02:03

Fantastic Fozzie, thanks!

Apr 12 2018 10:33

Well if Freedom is going to have a comprehensive online archive, Black Flag needs to have one too right?

Future students of intra-anarchist squabbles of the late 20th Century will thank us all for this! wink

Apr 17 2018 11:43

OK I'm pretty sure that's everything from and added.

Apr 17 2018 12:53

Fozzie, this is brilliant and much appreciated, both for the future students of intra-anarchist squabbles and beyond!

Apr 17 2018 13:31

I'd forgotten what a great mag it is, so it was a fun thing to go back over old issues... smile

Aug 20 2018 13:32

Not strictly my kind of publication, its revolutionary credentials and dedication to militant, non-passive anarchism and dedication to the most militant elements of anarch-syndiclsim and class struggle are beyond dispute.

A "must read" for those interested in anarchism,anarchist and revolutionary class movements, class war prisoners and anarchist history.

tyneside anarchist
Aug 29 2018 17:39

lots of covers in our sister page...

with thousands more to follow

Aug 29 2018 21:42

That is a very cool page - nice work.

Oct 1 2018 12:12

The comdrades at The Sparrows Nest have scanned in most issues from vols 1-4:

Jan 31 2019 14:46

Good progress with this. If anyone can lend me the following issues (or older ones) I will scan them in and return them in good condition:


*Parts of these issues are on Libcom in text form, but it would be good to have the whole thing.

Otherwise it'll be a job for other archives like Sparrows Nest...