The Raven: anarchist quarterly

The Raven: anarchist quarterly

Partial online archive of The Raven, a quarterly anarchist review published by Freedom Press for 43 issues from 1987-2003. In general the journal was very poor, so we reproduce it for reference only.

Published online with the kind permission of Freedom Press, from whom you can also purchase hardcopies of The Raven, as well as many other far superior texts!

Libcom also hosts a gallery of Raven cover artwork here.


Jan 14 2013 11:50

Right, so I have set up this archive and I have a full set. I scanned 17 as somebody asked for it. If anyone would like any particular issues let me know and I will scan them ASAP. Otherwise I will do this on and off over the next few years…

Sep 5 2015 19:53

Hello Steven,

Thanks very much for posting these copies of Raven Anarchist Quarterly. I am currently researching into the 'Spies for Peace', and there is a definitive article about the activities of the Spies for Peace in Raven Anarchist Quarterly Number 5. I once had a paper copy of the volume which I bought at the end of the 1980s, but unfortunately it has long since been lost.

I wonder whether you might be willing to scan and post volume number 5 in the Raven series, please (it has a light blue cover). The Spies for Peace were very influential in the anti-war / pacifist / libertarian movement at the time (early 1960s), so you would be doing a big service to radical historians.

Please don't hesitate to PM me for more info.

Thank you for your help and keep up the good work.

Best wishes,


Sep 5 2015 22:14

Hey, no worries will do. Should be able to do it either at the end of this month or in early October if that's okay?

We have some other stuff on the Spies for Peace on libcom here: and here:

Sep 8 2015 20:56

Thanks Steven - that's great, and very much appreciated. Will look forward to reading the article in due course. I'll read the links you've posted with great interest. The Spies for Peace story is really fascinating, and should be an inspiration to all.

Sep 8 2015 21:43


Oct 29 2015 22:30

Unfortunately I have now lost my full set of The Raven. It was sitting at my parents' house, but they threw it out! Sorry, I have scanned issue 1 which was the only one I had separately. I will have to try to get a set from Freedom directly to digitise the rest, unless anyone can donate some to us.

Aug 14 2018 16:31
Aug 14 2018 17:05

lol, I had forgotten that there was a time when one of the world's biggest anarchist websites was called "spunk"